• A plane on board?

    October, 12th 2018

    On September 23, 1913, famous aviator Roland Garros from Reunion Island was the first pilot to cross the Mediterranean on board the Morane-Saulnier H between Fréjus and Bizerte.

  • 85 ans years

    October, 10th 2018

    Since October 7, 2018, Air France has been celebrating its 85th anniversary and is launching a period of several months of festivities on the theme of innovation in all its forms, within a company which is resolutely looking to the future.

  • The seahorse legacy

    October, 10th 2018

    On October 7, 1933, Air France, which was created by the five main French air carriers, was officially launched at Le Bourget airport. On the tarmac, the aircraft lined up for the occasion displayed the emblem of the young national airline: the winged seahorse. A legacy of Air Orient, the main founding airline.

  • From aviator to cadet pilot

    September, 26th 2018

    © Collection Air France.DR

    Of the 110 new recruits in the last Air France cadet pilot class, eight began their training at the end of June, and the others will start by mid-December.

  • St Petersbourg, 50 years before the world cup

    August, 24th 2018

    © Collection Air France.DR

    Ties have existed between France and Russia for a while. It all began in 1924 when Maurice Noguès made a research flight to Moscow on behalf of the Franco-Roumaine line.

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