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747 Forever - ep. 6 to 10

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On 11 January 2016, Air France saluted with emotion the departure of the Boeing 747 from its fleet. The Company's men and women have also paid a final tribute to the legendary aircraft. You can now watch 5 new episodes of the "747 Forever" webseries!

Episode 6 - Dive into the Super Jumbo's holds
Guided tour of the Super Jumbo's holds with an Air France "cargonaut".

Episode 7 - Childhood holidays and a vocation
As a child, he called it the "white whale", and as an adult, he worked on it for Air France.

Episode 8 - The first Air France stewardess on board the 747
Jacqueline Pajot travelled to the Boeing factory in 1968 to greet the very first Boeing 747 and she then served on board during her entire career.

Episode 9 - On board the last commercial flight
Relive the last commercial flight from Mexico to Paris-Charles de Gaulle on 10 January 2016 with its last crew.

Episode 10 - Air France's Boeing 747 last flight
On board, customers who were lucky enough to enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience: filming of Franck Ferrand's radio programme "au cœur de l'histoire" on Europe 1 Friday 15 January at 2pm, Business class lunch for all, inflight commentary on the history of the Super Jumbo, and the men and women who worked on the 747 for close to 50 years.

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